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Sleepy Gap

Blue Ridge Mountains
2,300 something ft up c

Standing here in the presence of mother natures gearmans.
I feel then  winds ..I hear the winds I touch the winds .
Feet connected to the dirt.
Echoes create distant remainders .. Which I feel is nothing on sea level. We are on top of the blue ridge mountain.
As if a den in my living room created a fire kept me warm, as did these mountains.
Bones clattering and chattering.
Hill people sleepy in their walk.
Each leaf creating a shadow in this darkness.
City lights far in the distance create eyes so piercing … Watching … Watching ….. Staring … Eating away at these mountains.
The wind tunnels speak again as if a bass.
Buzzing bee
A ghost in a thunder storm.
I will walk up and down again and again through these mountains. Through these trees.
Within the branches and the twigs. Tither and tattering.
My heart thumps for this land. Awaken my spirits and those around me whom I love.
Grant us the beauty the true beauty of your offerings and we will forever grace you and be grateful for your gift.
Forever and ever and ever and ever.

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Sleepy Gap | Blue Ridge Mountains

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