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Drab Majesty

World Goth Day: 15 bands keeping the dark music alive

What's the meaning of Goth? Is it the love of the occult? Feeling fascinated by death? Wearing black all 4 seasons and listening to The Cure? Today, World Goth Day 2018, is the perfect day to think about that and to push the concept away...

Night Nail

Night Nail present new video “Walls Collapse”

Night Nail  return to the spotlight with their latest video "Walls Collapse". The track itself is groovy, danceable and with a stronger beat than their previous single "Little Armenia". The music and melody are dark but uncluttered, and the video matches that ethos. Mostly in black...

Astari Nite_Bar Sinister

Astari Nite’s L.A Debut + Exclusive Playlist

Astari Nite has been one of the fastest growing new-wave and new-goth groups of the last few years. Besides conquering South Florida (they are currently based in Miami), in the last year they have performed all across the U.S. and toured Europe. This weekend they...

Night Nail - Little Armenia

Night Nail shares video for “Little Armenia”

Los Angeles based post-punk outfit Night Nail is back with new music, and with a captivating video in black and white. "Little Armenia" was released yesterday, and is the first single of their upcoming full length titled LA Demons, which will be released on April 13th via Cleopatra Records. "Little Armenia was...